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Roll No  Name  Email Cell Phone Blood Group
F07md039 Qaiser Jamil 0333-6751167 O+
F07md041 Hassan Shafqat 0345-4306331 A+
F07md045 Bilal Qaiser 0315-4405141 O-
F07md046 Muhammad Tahir Iqbal 0313-5455915 O+
F07md049 Tahir Usman 0343-6960626 B+
F07md050 Jahanzeeb Hassan Butt 0334-4084680 B+
F07md055 Fawad Ahmed Mirza 0322-4652476 O+
F07md102 Mouzam Intizar Jilani 0300-4047147 AB+
F07md104 Muhammad Abdul Rehman 0302-4308793 B+
F07md105 Bilal Idrees 0345-4567800 AB+
F07md106 Mansoor Ali 0345-4794698 B+
F07md108 Muhammad Yasir Iqbal 0333-4251159 B+
F07md109 Muhammad Adeel Shehzad 0334-4000010 B+
F07md112 Saif Ullah 0332-8338004 B+
F07md114 Muhammad Amir Altaf 0321-4608005 O+
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