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Blood Donor Society

IBIT - University of the PunjabIBIT Blood Donor Society has a team of highly motivated students, who maintain a complete database of blood donors that include volunteers from students, faculty and staff of IBIT. Society helps in securing timely blood donations in emergencies as well as in routine requirements. In the hour of need we will contact the volunteer with the required blood group and our team will serve as a link between the volunteer and the patient.


  • To create awareness of donating blood and conducting health awareness programs.
  • To motivate students to donate blood
  • To develop a database of our students for blood donation
  • To connect needy with volunteer blood donors

Blood Donor Society Members

  • Ali Zain-ul-Abeden

    Vice President | Blood Donor SocietyAli-Zain-ul-Abeden
  • M. Mustafa Raza

    Chief Coordinator | Blood Donor SocietyMuhammad Mustafa Raza
  • Sumran Ali

    General Secretary | Blood Donor SocietySumran Ali
  • Aqib Shahzad

    Chief Coordinator | Blood Donor SocietyAqib Shahzad
  • Kanza Wasif

    Event Manager | Blood Donor SocietyKanza Wasif
  • Rana Aurangzeb

    Media Manager | Blood Donor SocietyRana Aurangzeb
  • Farhan Mudassar

    Public Relation Manager | Blood Donor SocietyFarhan Mudassar
  • Hafiza Aiman Ansar

    Finance Manager | Blood Donor SocietyHafiza Aiman Ansar
  • Usman Ashraf

    Fund Raising Manager | Blood Donor SocietyUsman Ashraf
  • Farah Zahir

    IT Manager | Blood Donor SocietyFarah Zahir
  • Khadija Maqbool

    IT Manager | Blood Donor SocietyKhadija Maqbool
  • Abeer Sadiqui

    Event Co-ordinator | Blood Donor SocietyAbeer Sadiqui
  • Fizza Batool

    Event Co-ordinator | Blood Donor SocietyFizza Batool
  • Hamza Latif

    Media Coordinator | Blood Donor SocietyHamza Latif
  • Taha Mahboob

    Public Relation Coordinator | Blood Donor SocietyTaha Mahboob
  • Huma Zahid

    Public Relation Coordinator | Blood Donor SocietyHuma Zahid
  • Sidra Mustansar

    Public Relation Coordinator | Blood Donor SocietySidra Mustansar
  • Maryam Akhtar

    Public Relation Coordinator | Blood Donor SocietyMaryam Akhtar
  • Maryam Anwar

    Finance Coordinator | Blood Donor SocietyMaryam Anwar
  • Ammar Ashraf

    Fund Raising Co-Manager | Blood Donor SocietyAmmar Ashraf
  • Noor-E-Baseerat

    IT Coordinator | Blood Donor SocietyNoor-E-Baseerat
  • Aneeza Qadeer

    IT Coordinator | Blood Donor SocietyAneeza Qadeer