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Roll No  Name  Email Cell Phone Blood Group
F06B002 Asif Mukhtar 0321-4809002 B+
F06B015 Mubeen Akhtar 0332-4691576 AB+
F06B019 Adnan Naeem 0343-7175942 AB+
F06B023 Danish Dilawer 0321-4356468 B+
F06B034 Muhammad Harris 0300-7824585 B+
F06B036 Yousaf Rehman 0334-7409096 B+
F06B045 Danyal Shahzad 0334-6300903 B+
F06B050 Syed Shabeeb Raza 0345-4159379 A+
F06b110 Zeshan Manawar 0333-4117918 B+
F06b112 Salman Altaf 0322-4559405 B+
F06b115 Muhammad Nadeem Salam 0345-4763327 O+
F06b118 Haider Azeem 0345-4126318 A+
F06b123 Riyast Ali 0345-4538227 O+
F06b124 Muhammad Junaid 0301-7635800 B+
F06b127 Shehzeb Naeem 0300-6111151 AB-
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