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Roll No  Name  Email Cell Phone Blood Group
F08B021 Muhammad Awais Khan 0334-6986988 B-
F08B037 Muhammad Adeel Ishaq 0322-4650215 O+
F08B046 Aamir Riaz 0312-9676213 A+
F08md012 Muhammad Ayub Kundi 0345-7257802 B+
F08md014 Allah Rakha 0333-8471926 O+
F08md017 Zuhaib Ul Hassan 0303-3332229 O-
F08md019 Yasir Iqbal 0345-5911165 A-
F08md020 Rana Umar Nadeem Khan 0322-6842988 O+
F08md027 Shahzad Khan 0321-4977709 A+
F08md034 Ismail Fayyaz 0345-4154632 AB+
F08md035 Muhammad Ali 0301-6697986 B+
F08md038 Waqas Sultan Butt 0345-4264354 B+
F08md052 Syed Ali Naqi 0345-4051261 A+
F08md106 Muhammad Asif Raza 0333-6994390 B+
F08md109 Ali Mehboob 0346-4398393 B+
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