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Roll No  Name  Email Cell Phone Blood Group
F06b128 Ali Touqir 0322-6865344 O-
F06b134 Muhammad Waqas Sadiq 0334-7902151 A+
F06b135 Goher Ali 0313-4603399 A+
F06b136 Mahmood Abid 0333-4546928 A+
F06b137 Fahad Masood 0321-6221987 B+
F06b156 Muhammad Uzair 0313-5192024 B+
F07B004 Shaher yar Gogi 0322-8491672 A+
F07B009 Yasir Mehmood 0334-7473994 B+
F07B034 Muhammad Hassan 0312-4188232 A+
F07b104 Muhammad Ali Akhtar 0321-4161652 O+
F07b114 Hafiz Kasib Ali 0323-4216844 A+
F07b115 Sajjad Ahmed 0321-9600564 O-
F07b118 Muhammad Adeel 0333-4186820 AB+
F07b133 Haras Saeed 0333-4565853 B+
F07b135 Muhammad Abdullah 0321-4063001 B+
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