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Sports Society

IBIT - University of the Punjab A healthy mind resides in healthy body. IBIT encourage students to actively participate in different sports. Student may choose from a variety of activities such as, badminton, basketball, table tennis etc. At present, society is chaired by Mr. Shahzad Khan and co-chaired by Ms. Hira Aftab, Ms. Amna Arif.




Sports Society Members

  • M. Mustafa Raza

    President | Sports SocietyMuhammad Mustafa Raza
  • Zunaira Azam

    Vice President | Sports SocietyZunaira Azam
  • Ali-Haider

    General Secretary | Sports SocietyAli-Haider
  • Syra Multan Khan

    General Secretary | Sports SocietySyra Multan Khan
  • Syeda Sidra Tahir

    General Secretary | Sports SocietySyeda Sidra Tahir
  • Ali Zain-ul-Abeden

    General Secretary | Sports SocietyAli Zain-ul-Abeden
  • Aqib Shahzad

    Executive | Sports SocietyAqib Shahzad
  • Saman Malik

    Executive | Sports SocietySaman Malik
  • Eisha Mehmood

    Executive | Sports SocietyEisha Mehmood
  • Waleed Niaz

    Executive | Sports SocietyWaleed Niaz
  • Farhan Mudassar

    Executive | Sports SocietyFarhan Mudassar
  • M. Humza Saeed

    Executive | Sports SocietyM. Humza Saeed
  • Aimen Anser

    Executive | Sports SocietyAimen Anser
  • Maryam Amin

    Executive | Sports SocietyMaryam Amin
  • Hamza Latif

    Executive | Sports SocietyHamza Latif
  • Saba Aslam

    Head of IT & Social Media | Sports SocietySaba Aslam
  • Abeer Rashid

    Executive | Sports SocietyAbeer Rashid
  • Farah Zahir

    Executive | Sports SocietyFarah Zahir
  • Rubab Bashir

    Executive | Sports SocietyRubab Bashir
  • Muzammil Qureshi

    Executive | Sports SocietyMuzammil Qureshi
  • Anam Shaukat

    Executive | Sports SocietyAnam Shaukat
  • H. M. Zulqarnain

    Executive | Sports SocietyHafiz M. Zulqarnain Jamil
  • Rana Aurangzeb

    Executive | Sports SocietyRana Aurangzeb
  • Amerah Munir

    Executive | Sports SocietyAmerah Munir
  • Zanaib Asim

    Executive | Sports SocietyTaha Mahboob
  • Najeeb Ullah Khan

    Executive | Sports SocietyNajeeb Ullah Khan Jatoi
  • Hafiz M. Yousaf

    Executive | Sports SocietyHafiz Muhammad Yousaf
  • Mahnoor Fatima

    Executive | Sports SocietyMahnoor Fatima
  • Naeem Saeed

    Executive | Sports SocietyNaeem Saeed