Program Information :: MBIT via BBIT

MBIT via BBIT (4 Years)

Master of Business & Information Technology

This Program will be spread over 3 Semesters and a thesis / research project. Four courses will be offered every semester and there will be two Classes per course per week of 1½ hour duration each.

For more information, follow and DPCC Rules

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the MBIT Via BBIT Program, a candidate must have a BBIT (4 Years) /equivalent degree from a recognized university and a CGPA greater than or equal to 3.00.

Assessment of Study Progress

Students’ progress is assessed by formal examinations, quizzes, cases, projects, and home assignments etc. There will be two compulsory examinations in each Semester for each course: Mid-Semester and Final Examination. The dates for these examinations are announced well in advance. Mid-Semester examination takes place during 9th week while the final examination is given at the conclusion of the course. In addition to these exams, semester work comprising quizzes, class work, home assignments, class presentation and class discussion if any and Semester papers is also carried out. The grades in the above examinations and session work are determined and given by the concerned instructors. If a student fails to appear in any examination, quiz or fails to submit the Semester paper/home assignment in time or is unable to give his presentation on due date, he/she will be awarded zero mark in respective examination/assignment etc.

Award of Degree

For the award of MBIT degree (via BBIT-Honors), a student must have:

  • Passed courses totaling at least “36” credits from the courses given below.
  • Obtained a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.5 or higher out of a maximum of 4.0.
  • To qualify individual course, 2.30 grade point is required
  • Passed the Comprehensive Examination given after the completion of course work.
  • Has successfully completed the Thesis or Research Project of 6 credit hours
  • Fulfilled other requirements outlined in the rules & regulations section of the prospectus

Scheme of Study (Semester wise breakup)

The courses taught in MBIT via BBIT are given below. The courses may be revised as a result of continuous review conducted every Semester to bring them at par with top-class foreign universities' courses and accommodate HEC, industry needs, commerce and the government requirements.

Semester # 1

Course Code Course Name Cr. Term
ACCT 510 Intermediate Accounting 3
MGMT 570 Total Quality Management 3 Any one of the following with the permission of the Director/PC
MGMT 571 Organization Behavior
IT 560 Management Information System 3 Any one of the following with the permission of the Director/PC
IT 561 ERP Systems
Area of Specialization Course No. 1 3
Total Credit Hrs. 12

Semester # 2

Course Code Course Name Cr. Term
MGMT 572 Research Techniques & Methods 3
MGMT 573 Strategic Management 3 Any one of the following with the permission of the Director/PC
MGMT 574 Corporate Governance
IT 562 Data Warehousing and Data Mining 3
Any one of the following with the permission of the Director/PC
IT 563 Advance Database Concepts
IT 564 Requirement Engineering
Area of Specialization Course No. 2 3
Total Credit Hrs. 12

Semester # 3

Course Code Course Name Cr. Term
ECON 630 Managerial Economics 3
Area of Specialization Course No. 3 3
TRN 600 Major Project / Thesis 6
TRN 601 Comprehensive Exam 0
Total Credit Hrs. 12


Total Number of Credits Hours


Total Number of Courses


Major Project / Thesis


Years to Complete


Area of Specialization Courses


Course Code Course Name
MKTG 580 Consumer Behavior
MKTG 581 Strategic Marketing
MKTG 582 Marketing of Services
MKTG 583 E-Marketing
MKTG 584 International Business Management
MKTG 680 Strategic Brand Management
MKTG 681 International Marketing
MKTG 682 Emerging Trends in Marketing
MKTG 683 New Product and Services Development


FIN 540 Banking Law and Practice in Pakistan
FIN 541 Corporate Finance
FIN 542 Investment and Portfolio Management
FIN 543 Project Appraisal
FIN 544 Banking and Financial Markets
FIN 545 Derivatives and Risk Management
FIN 640 Corporate Tax Planning
FIN 641 Marketing of Financial Services
FIN 642 Islamic Finance and Banking
FIN 643 Emerging Trends in Finance
FIN 644 International Trade

Information Technology

IT 565 Enterprise Software Development
IT 566 Advanced Networks
IT 567 E-Governance
IT 568 Emerging Trends in IT
IT 569 Special Topics in E-commerce
IT 660 Mobile Software Development
IT 661 Internet Programming
IT 662 Design pattern
IT 663 Web Engineering
IT 664 Theory of Automata
IT 665 Digital Logic Design and Computer Architecture
IT 666 System Programming
IT 667 Advanced ERP Systems
IT 668 Object Oriented Software Engineering
IT 675 Advance Computer Architecture

Course Coding System

  • Coding 3-4 alphabet for course Category e.g. MGMT= Management, MKTG=Marketing etc.
  • First digit represents No. of Year in program, e.g. First year =5 (Semester 1 & 2 of MBITviaBBIT)
  • Second digit for subject e.g. MGMT = 7. Complete table given below:
    ACCT 1 IT 6
    BUS 2 MGMT 7
    ECO 3 MKTG 8
    FIN 4 STAT 9
    GEN 5 TRN 0
  • Third digit represents the number of course available in a given year e.g. 0-9, (e.g. 570 means First Course of MGMT available during the first Year in MBITviaBBIT). 5- represents the Year-1 in MBITviaBBIT, 7-represent the MGMT, and 0-represents the first course of MGMT available/offered in Year-1)

Note: Term wise course offering is subject to modification to accommodate board of studies recommendations as well as faculty availability.