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Industrial Linkage Society

IBIT - University of the PunjabIBIT has established an Industrial Linkage Society for providing students exposure to the industry. Industrial Linkage Society is responsible for conducting job fairs, arranging internships and shepherding workshops and seminars. Students from all batches are given representation in the society. The society is responsible for liaising with different external and internal stake-holders. Public relations management, newsletter and development of alumni portal are also managed by this society. At present, society is chaired by Mr. Mansoor Mahmood Aashiq and co-chaired Dr. Shamaila Gull.


In order to accomplish the above, the following vision has been adopted:

  • Enhance academia-industry collaboration
  • Identify and recruit more industry members
  • Promote knowledge from academia to industry and industry to academia
  • Provide human resource to industry partners
  • Provide benefits/incentives for academia-industry partnerships

Industrial Linkage Society Members


Mr. Mansoor Mahmood
Dr.Shamaila Gull
Ayesham Ashraf
Wajeeha Saeed
Executive Member
Hafiza Asma Mushtaq
Executive Member
Maryam Batool
Executive Member
Alina Tariq
Senior Member
Muhammad Umer
Senior Member
Farah Munawar
Senior Member
Mehreen Javed
Senior Member
Muhammad Ahmed
Senior Member
Mashal Shakeel
Senior Member
Emerging Member
Saher Imran
Emerging Member
Saif Ul Islam
Emerging Member