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Roll No  Name  Email Cell Phone Blood Group
F07md116 Malik Sher Afgan 0300-4551838 O+
F07md119 Kaleem Umar Mirza 0346-4412933 B-
F07md121 Muhammad Shafqat 0306-7241204 B+
F07md124 Muhammad Qazzafi Intizar 0321-7102420 B+
F07md126 Umair Bin Sarwar 0300-7262782 A+
F07md131 Muhammad Arslan Younus 0333-4409741 AB+
F07md134 Muhammad Shehzad Ul Haq 0334-4034319 B+
F07md139 Hyder Iqbal 0321-4740322 O+
F07md141 Omar Mehmood 0345-4776525 O-
F07md142 Muhammad Waqas 0333-8127798 A+
F07md143 Affan Qureshi 0322-4303572 B+
F07md144 Sohaib Ahmed 0322-6225005 O+
F07md150 Tahir Mehmood Khan 0301-6539874 A+
F07md153 Ahmed Ammar Virk 0322-5139575 O+
F08B003 Muhammad Bilal 0334-6300410 B-
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