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Talaash - The Literary Society

To harvest good communication skill and reading habits in their future students, IBIT has established a literary society. The Literary society is responsible for organizing book clubs, debating competitions and many other activities to celebrate the national holidays and events. The society at present is chaired by Mr. Fahad Kazmi.


  • Mr. Fahad Kazmi (Convener)


Sports Society Members

  1. Asim Raza
  2. Sana Ather
    Vice President
  3. Areeba Fatima
    Director Communication
  4. Tajwar Fatima
    Director Management
  5. Dur e Mansoor
    Director Media Management
  6. Arsal Nadeem
    General Secretary
  7. Abdur Rafay
    Joint Secretary
  8. Hina Akram
  9. Maryam Saeed
  10. Mubashir Madni