Program Information :: BBIT (4 years)

BBIT (4 Years)

Bachelor of Business & Information Technology

It is a 4 year full time study program spread over eight semesters. Each Semester comprises of 18 weeks. Students are offered courses in Business and Information Technology which blend into a coherent and professional degree program. The courses of study may be changed from time to time by the Academic Council on the recommendations of the Board of Studies. Such changes will be notified before the commencement of the semester in which they will take effect.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the BBIT (4 years) Program a candidate must have: Intermediate or Equivalent qualification from a recognized Board or University.

Admission Criteria

Admission merit is determined on the past academic record. The academic record is evaluated by giving weighted percentage marks obtained in Matriculation, F.A./F.Sc. or its equivalent examinations (50% marks required to be eligible). The net merit is calculated by the following academic formula. [75% Academic + 25% Enter Test]

25% Marks Obtained in Matric + Marks Obtained in Inter + 20 Marks of Hafiz-e-Quran (if applicable)
                               25% of Total Matric Marks + Total Intermediate Marks

Assessment of Study Progress

Students’ progress is assessed by formal examinations, quizzes, cases, projects, and home assignments etc. There will be two compulsory examinations in each Semester for each course; Mid-Semester and Final Examination. The dates for these examinations are announced well in advance. Mid-Semester examination takes place during 9th week, while the final examination is given at the conclusion of the course. In addition to these exams, sessional work comprising quizzes, class work, home assignments, class presentation and class discussion if any, and Semester papers is also carried out. The grades in the above examinations and sessional work are determined and given by the concerned instructors. If a student fails to appear in any examination, quiz or fails to submit the Semester paper/home assignment in time or is unable to give his presentation on due date, he/she will be awarded zero mark in respective examination/ assignment etc.

Award of Degree

For the award of BBIT (4 years) degree, a student must have:

  1. Passed courses totaling at least 130 credits from the courses given below.
  2. Completed an internship and a project under the supervision of a member of the faculty and submitted a detailed project report.
  3. Obtained a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.0 or higher out of a maximum of 4.0.
  4. Fulfilled other requirements outlined in the rules & regulations section of the prospectus.

Fee Structure (Semester wise breakup)

Tentative BBIT Fee Structure

Semester Morning Replica (Afternoon)
Semester 1 45,440 92,820
Semester 2 35,620 82,620
Semester 3 37,240 84,620
Semester 4 35,620 82,620
Semester 5 37,240 84,620
Semester 6 38,280 94,620
Semester 7 37,240 84,620
Semester 8 35,870 82,870

Scheme of Study (Semester wise breakup)

The courses taught in BBIT (4-years) are given below. The courses may be revised as a result of continuous review conducted every Semester to bring them at par with top-class foreign universities' courses and accommodate HEC, industry needs, commerce and the government requirements.

Please contact at for query regarding course outlines.


Course Code

Course Name Cr. Hrs Outline
IT 160 Introduction to Information Technology 3
GEN 150 Introductory Mathematics  3
GEN 151 English Composition 3
MGMT 110 Principles of Management 3
GEN 152
GEN 157
Introduction to Philosophy   
Introduction to Sociology                    
  Total Credit Hours 15  


Course Code Course Name Cr. Hrs Outline
GEN 153
GEN 154
Pakistan Studies

IT 161
IT 161
Programming Fundamentals
Programming Fundamentals Lab
GEN 155 Mathematics for Management Sciences  3
IT 162 Digital Logic Design 3
GEN 156
GEN 158
Introduction to Psychology
International Relations
  Total Credit Hours 17  


Course Code Course Name Cr. Hrs Outline
IT 260
IT 260
Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Programming Lab
GEN 250 Business Communication & Technical Writing 3
ECON 230 Microeconomic Theory 3
STAT 290 Business Statistics 3
ACCT 210 Principles of Accounting 3
  Total Credit Hours 16  


Course Code Course Name Cr. Hrs Outline
IT 261 Database Systems 3
ECON 231 Macroeconomic Theory 3
FIN 240 Business Finance 3
STAT 291 Statistics for Business Decision Making 3
MKTG 280 Principles of Marketing 3
  Total Credit Hours 15  


Course Code Course Name Cr. Hrs Outline
ACCT 310 Cost Accounting 3
IT 360 Data Communication and Computer Networks 3
IT 361 Software Engineering 3
  Area of specialization course No 1 3  
  Area of specialization course No 2 3  
  Total Credit Hours 15  


Course Code Course Name Cr. Hrs Outline
MGMT 370 Human Resource Management 3
IT 362 E-Commerce (Functions & Technologies) 3
IT 363 (IT) Internet Programming 3
IT 364 Information System Audit and Control 3
  Area of specialization course No 3 3  
  Area of specialization course No 4 3  
  Total Credit Hours 18  


Course Code Course Name Cr. Hrs
BUS 320 Business Internship 3


Course Code Course Name Cr. Hrs Outline
IT 460 Software Quality Assurance 3
MGMT 470 Project Management (IT) 3
MGMT 471 Entrepreneurship and SME Management 3
  Area of specialization course No. 5 3  
  Area of specialization course No. 6 3  
  Total Credit Hours 15  


Course Code Course Name Cr. Hrs Outline
IT 461
BUS 420
IT Project /
Business Project
BUS 421 Business Law 3
MGMT 472 Organization Theory and Design 3
  Area of specialization course No. 7 3  
  Area of specialization course No 8 3  
  Total Credit Hours 16  


Total Number of Credits Hours 130
Total Number of Courses 40
Total Number of Labs  
Business Internship & IT Project 1
Years to Complete 4

Area of Specialization Courses


Course Code Course Name Cr. Hrs Outline
MKTG 380 Marketing Management 3
MKTG 381 Marketing Research 3
MKTG 382 Selling and Sales Management 3
MKTG 383 Value Chain & Logistics 3
MKTG 384 Integrated Marketing Communications 3  
MKTG 385 Franchise Structure and Management 3  
MKTG 480 Industrial Marketing 3
MKTG 481 Direct Marketing Strategies 3
MKTG 482 Retailing and Merchandizing Management 3
MKTG 483 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Marketing 3  
MKTG 484 Marketing for Non Profit Organizations 3
MKTG 485 Emerging Trends in Marketing 3  
MKTG 486 Marketing Mathematics / Empirical Tools for Marketing 3  


FIN 340 Advance Financial Management 3
FIN 341 Commercial Bank Management 3
FIN 342 Financial Econometrics 3
FIN 343 Credit Risk Analysis 3
FIN 344 Introduction to Derivatives 3  
FIN 440 Insurance and Risk Management 3  
FIN 441 Capital Budgeting and Investment Decisions 3
FIN 442 Money and Capital Markets 3
FIN 443 Emerging Trends in Finance 3
FIN 444 Corporate Law and Business Ethics 3  
FIN 446 Computing Applications and Financial Management 3  
FIN 447 International Finance 3

Information Technology

IT 365 Object Oriented Analysis and Design 3
IT 366 Operating Systems 3
IT 367 Data Structures and Algorithms
Data Structures and Algorithms Lab
IT 368 Distributed Database Systems 3
IT 369 Computer Graphics 3  
IT 461 Internetworking with UNIX TCP/IP 3  
IT 462 Artificial Intelligence 3
IT 463 Computer Architecture 3
IT 464 Emerging Trends in IT 3
IT 465 Computer Organization and Assembly Language
Computer Organization and Assembly Language Lab
IT 466 Analysis of Algorithms 3
IT 467 UNIX and Shell Programming 3  
IT 468 Information Security 3  
IT 469 Compiler Construction 3  
IT 471 Theory of Automata 3

Course Coding System

  • Coding 3-4 alphabets for course Category e.g. MGMT= Management, MKTG=Marketing etc.
  • First digit represents No. of  Year in program, e.g. First year =1 (Semester 1 & 2)
  • Second digit for subject e.g. MGMT = 7. Complete table given below:
    ACCT 1 IT 6
    BUS 2 MGMT 7
    ECO 3 MKTG 8
    FIN 4 STAT 9
    GEN 5 TRN 0
  • Third digit represents the number of course available in a given year e.g. 0-9, (e.g. 170 means First Course of MGMT available/offered during the first Year). 1- represents the Year-1, 7-represent the MGMT, and 0-represents the first course of MGMT available/offered in Year-1).

Note: Term wise course offering is subject to modification to accommodate board of studies recommendations as well as faculty availability.