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IBIT - University of the Punjab The scope of IBIT’s program is unlimited. The IT tools integrated with modern business practices will generate maximum productivity. This education will be used for all walks of life to obtain the efficiency from scarce resources. The University of the Punjab is already fulfilling its academic obligation to provide the required education compatible with the changing environment.


Our mission is to educate future leaders committed to serve the needs of the country, possible only through the creation and transfer of knowledge in the field of business. And last but not the least, by the application of information technology and the establishment of a framework for lifelong learning that converts into productive careers. Recognizing that knowledge is the fundamental wealth of civilization, the Institute strives to enrich the students that sustains it through:

  • A commitment to undergraduate education with a goal of helping the students to question critically, think logically, communicate clearly, act creatively & live ethically.
  • A commitment to graduate education to develop creators & innovators who will generate new technology & shape experience for the benefits of the nation.
  • A commitment to Ph.D. education to develop scholars & academicians who will help redefine the application and advancement of computer based businesses and at the same time design new information age organizations.
  • A commitment to international awareness and understanding and to the development of a faculty and student body that is capable of participating effectively in a global society.
  • A conviction that freedom of thought and expression is the bedrock principle on which all the Institute’s activities are based.
  • A continuing commitment to affordable higher education.

To successfully anticipate and manage business challenges in the new millennium, IBIT graduates would be nurtured with a firm understanding of basic business principles and be able to leverage them in a rapidly changing environment. IBIT’s curriculum balances theoretical knowledge with real world skills and the experimental learning needed to achieve success. The graduates of this Institute will have all the necessary expertise required to become an effective member of any business enterprise. They will be able to compete for executive level positions in the business world. Some of the positions for which they will be competing in the market include, but are not limited to Marketing Executives, Merchandisers, Accounts Officers, I.T. Managers, Finance Managers, Banking Executives, so on and so forth.