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"There is no doubt that the future of our state will and must greatly depend upon the type of education and the way in which we bring up our children as the future servants of Pakistan"
(Quaid-e-Azam, M. Ali Jinnah)

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IBIT - Introduction

Effective and efficient organizations have now started seeing themselves as information age organizations. These organizations practice network intelligence as they have seen centralized intelligence and decentralized intelligence causing them more harm than good. Our graduates would provide the necessary impetus to tilt the balance from dynamic uncertain to stable certain dimension. "Institute of Business and Information Technology" (IBIT) is created to fulfill these aspirations and requirements of the business world.


The scope of IBIT's program is unlimited. The IT tools integrated with modern business practices will generate maximum productivity.

Inauguration ceremony of IBIT

This education will be used for all walks of life to obtain the efficiency from scarce resources. The University of the Punjab is already fulfilling its academic obligation to provide the required education compatible with the changing environment.